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i was vegetarian yesterday and i am glad i fulfilled my duties. maybe i'm thinking a little too much. i'm thinking of saving the earth and the endangered animals on it. with all the climatic changes which we are conveniently informed frequently by the news, i am actually getting a little worried. 'The future is not completely beyond our control. It is the work of our own hands.''- Robert F. Kennedy i really hope i can do my part as a citizen of the earth. :)) i should start thinking of methods to conserve energy. everyone has a choice to do what is good for the environment too! ;p
for ken, i'm just touched and sad at the same time previously. that monday night i got terribly sick and lost my voice completely for a day and was still on medical leave the next day. i'm truly glad that you cared about me. :)) ~ tuesday i did almost nothing. just watching dvds and slumbered in my cozy and body-warmed bed. wednesday i got better but was still almost speechless. i watched canto dramas on dvds and believe it or not i watched 'Closer' for the at least 10th time. can't help feeling like jude law's character once again. (i've been putting myself repeatedly in his shoes) see the word "dammit"? after which, did some filing of my own and etc. practised on my violin for about an hour. got tired and went to bed again. had my dinner and was thinking of not eating the minced meat. however the thought of the next day (today) is my veggies day, i ate nonetheless. ~ today i felt good really early in the morning. i woke up at 0445hrs. 1st thing on my…
i know i look hideous when i cry.

thanks both to mel & ken. i can't help it but i cry. bye bye. :))
i'm trying to write a short story. only selected parties will get to read upon completion. aside from that, i'm becoming increasingly hope-less; not hope-full. i was reminded from watching "Pushing Daisies" yesterday night, something i learned, for not the first time, make your choices and live with the consequences. a tedious lesson taught and finally absorbed i suppose. i don't know how to thank 'm' for being there all this while. what i know is no use crying over spilt milk. i'll give myself time though. this experience is certainly teaching me a lesson for life. goodbye. have a colourful monday! :))
I have finished reading “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. It is the most fascinating novel I have read so far. I was entirely engaged to the book. Each brown page is filled with quotable phrases. Oscar Wilde is like a fine artist, painting the story perfectly for me with the most brilliant and vibrant colours in his palette. I absolutely want to give praise to the way he writes; I could picture almost each scene very vividly in my mind. Every part of the story seems to teach me something. I learned. Metaphors - a very powerful tool indeed. The final chapter was massive; impressive. And it satisfied my appetite for a person who likes tragedies. Authors who choose to write tragedies have got to come really strong on the emotional level in their writings. I’m currently reading another of Oscar’s literary works, 1892 Lady Windermere’s Fan. At the same time, got to read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Thanks to my new-found acquaintance. When I was searching for it, I found it through …

be back for love

been practicing on my bow & violin... i shall play the simple melody of Mary had a little lamb for listening ears... especially his... in order to do that, i need to see him and seek for forgiveness... ~ this morning i read Micah 4... with God, things will turn out more right than wrong... ~ the 2 things that i need now is God & my man back... sigh, nothing else to ask for... God has been good even in this really monotone pattern of my life... ~ i'll be better. be back for good then.

by choice

by choice, i'm trying to slowly convert to a 2-day vegetarian now. i've read articles and watch clips in relation to animal slaughters, world hunger and health issues etc. time for me to step up and eventually become a 5-day vegetarian? or perhaps eat less meat. i know i can. i've tried. so here i am again. inspired. ~ by choice, i choose to want it back.

for you.

you know it's meant for you.


Especially Loving: Some Girls - Rolling Stones

The movie was like a two-dimensional broadway / rock 'n' roll musical. And I love musicals. This film kind of conform me to liking Rolling Stones. I should say that Martin Scorsese succeeded in his objective. Rolling Stones are damn cool. Mick Jagger is such a talented musician. Love his energy. Lots of dancing about. He's way coool for his age.

However, no matter what, Steven Tyler rules. It's his voice that I like. I drifted peacefully to sleep while listening to The Best of Aerosmith album that night.

Oh and check out what I found: Bebe Buell (mother of Liv Tyler)Was browsing through her profile and found it absolutely appetizing. She dated so many rock stars! Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith... Wow! She must really be a beauty. Anyways, she is an Oscar Wilde enthusiast. (one of our similarities?) I just find he…
conveniently and inevitably, people grow uglier without their own notice. just as a single day teaches you an effortlessly simple lesson, a very soft touch of a yellow crow's feet start to form with the tissues near your very eye, either something evil or time is taking control. just as i thought i could stop the recurring cycle of my life,it just didn't. three words for me: i am weak. yes, i am.


sometimes i really want to be an artist. but i sort of lack talent. can it be developed? i believe so. afterall art is very subjective. however, to be a recognised artist is a whole new different meaning.

~was reflecting upon my recent encounters. i'm glad i met a few new acquaintances. somehow i think that some acquaintances should just remain at this level for a long time. i'm not very comfortable with people knowing me too well. it's just like a picture drawn and exhibited in the gallery for all to see and judge. or with a negative connotation as in exposed.

~and with th…
pictures of passion run are up on Christine's blog: ~ trying to achieve goals i set for myself :- (1) run thrice per week; (2) go vegetarian on every thursday; (mainly for humanitarian purposes - towards animals actually) (3) focus on my work; (4) save more dollars & cents; (5) go for a short trip alone @ the end of the year; (6) get a guitar and self-practise; (7) violin lessons; (8) return to church; (9) read widely; and (10) produce a few handicraft work. ~ Love, pam
instead of dwelling in self-pity, i've gotta learn to be happy. the weekends were quite eventful. however, i'm aware of my obvious debative deposition which can be rather unbearable sometimes. i'm sorry, i'm not in the mood to play lady nice, and at the same time, however, i seemed to have a different view with majority or with close ones in my life. ~ chilled out with bff xue @ hooters on saturday night. i have always wanted to try their food because of the restaurant ambience. we were timely as there was a transformation of a caucasian guy to a busty bimbo. i took a picture with him. however, picture not here due to the usb port not given by my relative. the food was good. i love the buttery-flavoured burger bread especially and guess what? gherkins included. and i like pickles. :) ~ sunday morning went for passion run. i'm sort of proud of myself. ran 5km in 37 minutes. well, let's hope that the upcoming runs i'll do better. :) i'll aim 30 minutes... a…
pretty emo today. woke up later than usual. the night before was bittersweet. dine with my parents & their friends and drank mixed beer again. i could be a potential alcoholic if i am careless. had a telephone conversation with a someone after a long while. felt that i'm some mad bitch. the chit-chat session just made me realise that i'm probably taking the person for granted. i'm sorry, i don't really know what to do with myself. i made too many mistakes. as per normal, i read my novel on the train. with just a few chapters, i'm already addicted to Oscar Wilde. (yes, i have to say that again) i think i am too engrossed in my reading that i always feel how the characters feel. in this writing, i think my idol has position the plot in such a way that i have unknowingly, subconsciously taken in the perspective that staying too loyal / faithful will just hurt you in a brutal manner. personally, i'm struggling hard not to absorb this unhealthy viewpoint. but som…

Cause of Misery

Those who are faithless know the pleasures of love; it is the faithful who know love's tragedies. -- Oscar Wilde

this quote best sums up my stubborn nature. as of today, i'm setting myself free.
I am in love with Oscar Wilde. Since the day I bought the novel from Borders, I have been reading it religiously. That pair of blue honest eyes was right. Here's my favourite quote: "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” Another one I agree absolutely, “If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.” This quote is undeniably sadly romantic. I like classic authors. They possessed something the modernist lacked. How their intimate literary works make you think. ~ Just as time passes, you are clearer in my head.


thought i like the simplicity depicted in this picture. appreciate the photographer's other works too. i shall just publish this and hope she gets more recognition! :)
completed my reading on Prozac Nation... finally.. hehee... it is a truly good read. i'm sure the handful of people who have read couldn't agree more. why is it good? i shall give a short review. first of all, the memoir was plotted very skillfully - there was a very vivid picture of Introduction, Climax (for almost three-quarter of the book), a very abrupt anti-climax and a rather subtle resolution. fortunately, i believe the author is a perfectionist and put a very proper ending to her book. there was an afterword and acknowledgements section at the back which gave readers contentment. basically, i like the author's forthright honesty. many a times, people are clouded by multiple emotions which is indescribable. i'm impressed by Elizabeth Wurtzel's ability to conv…