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tattoos and piercings

was just meditating about the body arts on me.

nine down to eight piercings.
2 tattoos.

went to rachel yamagata's concert that day.. she was commenting on one of the lyrics in her song which goes, "hole in my head..." someone close to her thought she wanted to commit suicide.. truth is she had one of her brow pierced when she got out of a relationship during her younger days. i could identify that. i'm like that. =X it used to hurt so much that i did that to myself. had a nose pierce and a tattoo. (if you do not know where is it, it's for you to uncover)

conclusion to my doings...

--> i have little regrets.
--> i like my body art.
--> it reminds me a of a past and somewhat my personality.

i guess there's minimal regrets to the removal of my nose stud.. why i said so is that sometimes it looks like it belongs to my face? though i don't have a pretty-looking one.. a lumpy and big one in fact. wahaha...

my body art is averagely satisfied. i know it could b…

5 liner

i still like you.

just want to be your guardian angel.

i can't and probably won't forget.

impossible to forget how bittersweet it was.

because baby i used to love uuu..


felt the stinging sensation on my nose like a mosquito had left it's venom on. eventually, gently, i removed my teeny weeny metallic friend away from the hill side it's been living on. i feel good. especially the fact that it won't get caught on my clothes when i am undressing. i guess this ritual signifies a chapter in my life. somehow.

haven't been updating for quite a while.

a lot has been happening.

just let me tell the tale in a nutshell.

i chose a milo over hot chocolate.

in the end, i still want my hot chocolate.

i've been a fool.

not gonna be one again. gotta learn to grow up. and be a little more wiser.

in conclusion, i know a sweet guy out there who loves me for me.
i'm veryunloveable. serious.

been catching up with people i want to stay in touch with. particularly, friends from other ethnic groups. i miss them.

went to 1 concert and 1 play this month.

it's awesome. =D

got another confession to make.

i'm getting moremoody thesedays. thus fcukstrated.
i thi…


work has been irritatingly routine. day in and out. life is fading it's colour. can't break the chains. have nowhere to run to. stare at the PC screen, move inches on the mouse and hit the keyboard by hundreds each day, fighting hard to keep my eyes half open past lunch hour. life is ticking by fast. save me from this.

it's nearing 2 months now. haven't encountered much challenging tasks.

it's about a year now. not earning and saving much.

it's getting harder to breathe.

tell me what to do.