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Received Owls

** Fauna Owls Bracelet ** Very :) with my bracelet & online shopping experience! Love, Pampi


2009.03.28 [Ronkey Donkey's Advance Bird-day Celebration]

** At Cedele, Borders **

** My Cute Gift to Ronkey Donkey **

** Our Couple Tees - "Luckiest T-Shirt Ever" from Threadless ** Love, Pampi

In Loving Memory of Mao Kan

** Our Most Precious Mao **

** Our Most Precious Moments With Mao **

1998 - 2009
Departed peacefully on 2009.03.24, 16:50hrs in the arms of his loved ones

We love you & miss you
You will always live in our hearts ♥
Your Owner & Jie-jie

Quote Pam!

So I guess dark clouds have cleared and I have completely forgotten about what happened previously which was bad... It's good to forget about the bad sometimes... I guess. - Pamela

Happy is Happy

*Bought new treats for Happy to savour and clean her teeth... Guess it really works for the tasting part... She loves it! :)* Love, Pampi (ooloo)

Marley & Me

*Marley & Me*
Watch with my bestie, Xue Ying yesterday night...
The movie was very much like a drama series...
Truly down-to-earth... And not much to expect...
Nevertheless, it was realistic and I immersed myself totally into the characters' roles as a typical
newly-wed to their honeymoon days to them establishing a family, and ultimately trying to maintain it as a close-knitted one, and so on... (how they took on life...)
All these time, Marley was there and part of the journey.
When Marley finally passed on, I applaud him for being the Best Friend they never had... Love,
Pampi (ooloo)

Pam Petite - Protect Me From The Rain

*Protect Me From The Rain*

I guess it's the Monsoon Season that's why Singapore is getting the rain spells...
Haven't been feeling healthy for a while...
Been sneezing, experiencing runny nose & basically inactive from not exercising.
I should get on my jogging shoes soon!

Pampi (OOlOO)

Happy & Me!

While enjoying my meal...

Pampi (OOlOO)

Just Daydreaming

So I realised that I haven't type anything informative of myself in the longest time... Life goes on well I guess... But no matter how good and carefree I'm living my life, I always yearn to be residing somewhere else more relaxing and doing something I genuinely love. I'll like to have professions such as private pre-school teacher, groomer for miniature pooches, artist / photographer. The life I imagined I'll have is peaceful, slow & quiet. Just where I would love to belong. Saying so doesn't mean that I dread my life here in Singapore, it just simply imply that I prefer to be closer to nature. Where there's a garden at your front yard, all you need to worry about is that your pet dog might have a tick sucking into the skin and feeding on its blood. You wouldn't have much to worry, everyday children come to your house for fun and hands-on lessons, they may learn how to bath your pet kitty, tie ribbons into bows for art & craft and everybody is just…

Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers From My 21st Birthday! I'm just being nostalgic I guess... :x xoxoxo, Pampi (OOlOO)

Us & Love

The Picture Says It All...We're :)Love,Pampi (OOlOO)