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The loving hands of destiny heard the cry of my soul to see my beloved friend, Athena Succu. The instance I saw her, I was like oh-yeah... I have been reminiscing a lot on the old times. Finally we are fated to see each other again. I miss you my dear friend and thank God for this opportunity to tell me where you are. :), Pam P.

A Second Chance At Life

A Second Chance At Life (Tagline for Action For Singapore Dogs)

Please help poor Rusty.

Kindly visit the link:

I strongly believe that animals are gifts from God. Just hope that animal lovers can do their part to help. :)

Pam P.
sometimes, i really wonder, did i flip to the right page?



Pam P.

An Impact from Tee-Vee

I figured if I have SCV, I would watch the programmes almost daily. I do not have a consistent relationship with my tee-vee set. Or rather the basic tee-vee programmes do not interest me much. However, I just wanna praise Arts Central for being kind by offering a little bit of animal documentaries. Hehee~ Just had my doze of "Dangerous Encounters" with Brady Barr. Watching consecutive for 2 weeks of this particular programme has elevated my liking towards him. LOL. (how easy to impress) But really, I always think that biologist / scientist are very courageous people. Animals aren't like human beings, you have to study and make the right moves on them or they'll turn around and bite you without hesitation. Oh yeah, I'm always thrilled by things happening in the wild. A sheer sense of adventure and really not knowing what will happen. The unknown just makes life more interesting and somehow worth living the next minute.


Just think about how scientists are tr…
Keane - Spiralling

I fashioned you
From jewels and stone
I made you
In the image of myself
I gave you
Everything you wanted
So you would never know
Anything else

But everytime
I reach for you
You slip
Through my fingers
Into cold sunlight
Laughing at the things
That I had planned
The map of my world gets
Smaller as I sit here
Pulling at the loose
Threads now


Did you wanna be a winner?
Did you wanna be an icon?
Did you wanna be famous?
Did you wanna be the president?
Did you wanna start a war?
Did you wanna have a family?
Did you wanna be in love?
Did you wanna be in love?

I never saw the light
I never saw the light
I waited up all night
But I never saw the light

When we fall in love
We’re just falling
In love with ourselves
We’re spiralling
We’re tumbling down
We’re spiralling
Tied up to the ground
We’re spiralling

* I'll admit that I love Keane. (and I'm sure I've made myself known somehow, geez) I like this song. Probably one of my current favourite songs. I like to reflect on the lyrics. However, I must…

Dear Friends So Long

Dear Blog,

The past few days have been blissful and peaceful. Hardly any issues to bother me. Except the things to fuss about are the economy, my savings etc. However, the problems do not seem to cloud my brain too much.


It does seem good at the moment. I’m just casually doing my things. Being really at ease with the world around me. Maybe this is start of my plans for the future.
I’ve been thinking quite a lot about my good friends nowadays. Those unforgettable times. The kinda warmth you feel when you and your close ones gather and laugh and joke around. Heart-to-heart conversations. Exchange of opinions, never mind that it ends with a heated debate. I really miss those times spent.


I think about the primary school days, how my bestie, Xue Ying and I met. The strong brick foundation of our everlasting friendship. Me and Gil... Our primary 6 days. Germs and I, the crazy secondary school days. Jing, Eunice and Lian. Poly year 1, semester 1. Bavis, Athena a…