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Chinese New Year

Blessed & Happy Lunar New Year to all!
This holiday has been enjoyable and a little too long for me as I was on medical leave last Thursday and company was off on Friday so I had a grand total of six non-working days.  :x
This year is the last year that I will be celebrating the Chinese New Year as a single.  For the past 2 days, I have been visiting relatives with Nat.  For some reason, this New Year felt different from the recent years.  
Upon arriving at adulthood, I always question why do I have to celebrate the occasion.  (Just for your information, my nuclear family do not do much house visiting but we do have our usual reunion dinner.)  Therefore, to me, the CNY holiday is a time for me to enjoy with friends or alone.  Before I embarked on my house visiting this year, there was some inertia for me to urge myself to go around meeting people I do not know (or hardly know).  As an introvert, sometimes I'm not sure how to begin conversations (though a part of me loves gett…

On Political Participation

Mr Low's response to the Population White Paper.


I'm sure many of my fellow Singaporeans felt some unhappiness after reading through the White Paper or even by simply hearing the phrase that our population will surge to 6.9 million in 2030.  As for myself, I worry about the future.  My parents are old and they are still working really hard.  They have concerns about their healthcare costs and do not know how long more they can work.  As their only child, I really hope that one day I can support them financially but I am uncertain about when I can afford to do so.  Like many other twenty somethings, I have to work, pay for bills/household expenses and part-time studies loan etc.  As I am soon entering the next important stage of my life - marriage, I foresee that there will be plenty of challenges ahead.

I do think that as a Singaporean, we need to be concerned with our state affairs as we are directly affected by the policies in place.  I used to be one who finds listening …