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Heading to...

I'm a hair accessorizer...
So I'm wishing for the above items!

Some Plans & Updates

I am decidedly serious about my short trip to San Francisco between July - December 2010.  
I'm thinking of a 5 days trip with a friend or perhaps alone. See which plan works out. :)
Been having guilt trips & feeling emotional.

It's like a silent war inside of me, battling for almost a non-existent cause.
I'm glad I cried.  I am relieved now.
My current read: My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk.
That's about it for now. :)
xoxo, Pam

Candid Pampi

Candid shot of me in the midst of cake-cutting/eating for Siew Hoon's birthday...
My birthday was exactly 1 month ago today...
Have yet to upload the beautiful pictures taken with my folks & dearest friends...
Shall update really soon!
Meanwhile, enjoy your weekends people! Smile always :)

Work / Home

 Uncompleted Cork-board in my room...

Save the Rainforest

Save the Rainforest
<3, Pam

Foreign Things

See anything foreign on the bookmark?
xoxo, Pampi

My Juxtapoz Finally Arrived

Just feeling really good that I finally get my mag! Meanwhile, I'm absorbing all the artistic pleasures Juxtapoz is showering me with...

Be Happy! :D

It's important for everyone to have good emotional health... so, Be Happy!


1) Went home via cab. The taxi uncle started chatting with me. We talked about my occupation and then went into the subject of music. Music really brings people closer to one another. The Indian uncle was a cool dude. In his younger days, he played with the band and thus, he was able to play saxophone, clarinet, guitar etc. I am as I’ll put it totally into music. I want to learn how to play the guitar and I so love music. He told me the songs which he loved from Chuck Berry, Deep Purple, Santana, Voodoo Chile etc which was really cool once again. He could even churn out the chords to the “Smoke on the water”. I was absolutely impressed. I wanted to stay in touch but I can’t envision myself texting him every now and then about music. He even recommended to me a few places where I can shop for guitars, and what’s good and what’s not. There was an amazing connection. It was beautiful!

2) It was sort of strange that I didn’t get his name & he didn’t ask for mine.


Mix Tape

those songs don't speak to me anymore...

The I-Love-You Mix Tape...
I'm listening to "Love Is A Mix Tape" - an audiobook from the library by Rob Sheffield.
For a music lover like me, I understand a lot about his emotions; he was descriptive & expressive which was so relaxing to chill to.
I'm pretty in a can't-be-bothered mode.  Just trying to follow through with the dreams I have in my mind, really trying not to lose sight.  Because I'm seriously a I-want-to-learn-everything person.
Signing off, Pampi