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1) Attend church services regularly
2) Monthly tithing
3) Be debtless by June 2009
4) Save accordingly to my financial plans
5) Monthly allowance to parents
6) Exercise at least 2 hours weekly
7) Read newspaper daily
8) Read 2 books / novels of different genres monthly
9) Learn 2 new words weekly
10) Volunteer for animal / environmental-based projects
11) Run a half Marathon
12) Assist tuition kids in attaining good progress in their studies
13) Begin tuition business planning
14) Start a long-term diversified investment
15) Travel with my Ronster at the end of the year
16) Buy a laptop & DSLR
17) Be more punctual
18) Spend more time with my family
19) Learn to draw better, driving & improve in other languages I’m interested in
20) Organise my room frequently

Penned down on 31122008

Bloody Woman

I witnessed a woman bleeding profusely as she stumbled from a distance towards me. Her agony seemed to be momentary as I observed a progressively unique facial expression which was too profound to be deciphered. I recognised this unusual feeling which felt like a bosom friend who visits me occasionally. The more I tried to focus on her, the stronger her emotions were coming to me. And I was literally experiencing her. Flashes of images of her walking and crying in the cruel rain, images played out in fast motion explaining how she got to her current state. Eventually, she made a decision to amputate the source of her fatal bleeding. The next moment it was as though all the dark clouds looming above her had cleared. You instantly saw a brand new her.

Carefree yet annoyingly indifferent. Like the happiness of an innocent child who has never experienced any pain. You watched everything being played out and begin to wonder - what mattered didn't matter anymore.

Written by Pamela Pang

Random [Rubb!sh]

just some pictures to remind myself of me... how my mind sometimes drift...... Love, Pampi


Happy Birthday to my dear mom! Love you always & may all your wishes come true! :) Love, Pampi