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Dear Blog,

My day began with a nightmare. Yu Han left my estate @ around 0115HRS. I slept. I was feeling quite troubled. The dream was realistically upsetting. In the dream I had a major quarrel with Han. I left her apartment angsty. I had yelled @ the top of my lungs before departing. It was crazy. It was a feeling of disjustification. I went off... I'm like Little Match Girl trying to make a living by being some sort of a surveyor or whatever you call it. The experience was bizarre. I don't know why was I doing that. I was an indirect employee of a radio station... For the survey. And the later part was full of crap. I guess dissatisfaction with life. I woke up. It was past 1300HRS. I'm a heavy-sleeper. Decide not to face this seemingly terrible day by closing my eyes. Message ringtone interrupted my little nap. Reached for it. It was my tuition boy. Quite pissed by him not attempting to do my homework. I really need to show him my true colours. I don't want to give u…

...yea funny

Dear Blog,

ahaha.. was searching for Nickelback's Photograph MTV...
& guess what i found instead?..
watch it below...
it's hilarious...
2 thumbs up... ;p

and compare it with...
the real MTV... =)



Dear Blog,

in bliss but doubtful...
i'm :) believe me...
but my intuition tells me something's not right...
sigh.. i still can't let go.



Dear Blog,

very frequently i wonder why i am the way i am...
i know some of my weaknesses like an old friend...
negative characteristics include:

1) prideful
2) selfish
3) pessimistic
4) envy others for what i don't have
5) irritating

it all sums up to just a huge part of me = imperfect

i often wonder why am i always reacting the same old ways...

read a lil about Pablo Picasso...
he had a messed up life...
at least in my opinion...
part of me can relate and the other part remaining just wonder why...

most of the time, matters look complex
sit back and recount that situation...
it was simply a small little dot...
i just darken it and increased the radius by many times...

don't make it complex.

Dear Blog,

Landon Pigg Can't Let Go

Well youre the closest thing I have
To bring up in a conversation
About a love that didnt last
But I could never call you mine
Cause I could never call myself yours
And if we were really meant to be
Well then we justify destiny
Its not that our love died
Just never really bloomed

Well I cant let go
No, I cant let go of you
Youre holding me back without even trying to.
I cant let go
I cant move on from the past
Without lifting a finger youre holding me back.

And then we saw our paths diverge
And I guess I felt OK about it.
Until you got with another man,
And then I couldnt understand
Why it bothered me so.
How we didnt die we just
Never had a chance to grow.

I cant let go
No, I cant let go of you
Youre holding me back without even trying to.
I cant let go
I cant move on from the past.
Without lifting a finger youre holding me back.

And it might not make much sense
To you or any of my friends
Though somehow still you affect the
Things I do.
And you cant lose what you never had
I d…
Dear Blog,

I'm in high spirit!!! Look at my new bag bought by Marki! Love it! =)

Currently I've been truly busy as a bee. I'm giving tuition lessons for most evenings & not having to mention that I'm working on my favourite job - translate.

I like my tuition kids & one of them I shall address him as an adolescent acquaintance. Yesterday was the 1st lesson with him. Somehow I have this desire to be his big sister... I mean I care for him. He gotta work hard. 'N' level. I should just stop doubting my ability to help him and be totally focus. I feel for his aged mother.

Kids. Not the same anymore today. I feel as though a whole new generation is taking over.

Ending with this though: I'm fine. Just busy with work but I completely enjoy work. I hope I can remain indefatigable. Yeah! =)