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Recapturing the memories of Happy when she was young.  Trying to remember how she and I were like more than a decade ago.  More than that, I am thinking about how my folks have aged and how things are different for me now.  How will the next 10 years be like?  Only God knows. :)Pam

Rise Early & Appreciate

This morning was my turn to do devotion sharing at work.  This time it was different because I did not rehearse at home prior to my sharing.  I had an early night yesterday because I had a late night out on Monday with my sisters.  The night before, I talked to God and requested to rise early the next morning.  In my heart, I have the desire to stroll with my Daddy and Happy for sometime but I just can't seem to wake up early.
The alarm clock woke me up at 5am but I was quite tired so I rested for another 25 minutes or so.  I wanted to lie on my bed further just for a few moments but I heard the jingling sound of the keys and buckling of the leash.  So I got up immediately and dashed to the door to stop my Dad.  I told him that I'll join them in a few minutes.  
During our stroll, my Dad mentioned how Happy was slowly aging, just like any other human.  He also shared that my Mum has very recently started on an additional part time job.  It made me realise a few things:-
I need…