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Dear Blog,

the pages of the book is flipping at lightning speed. i'm here in a daze. i've been trying to catch the essence of each moment. not wanting to step forward. my life now, pretty much routine. love it or dread it.

i'm reading a novel. i'm lost in it. the author's mission accomplished.

i'm upset about my cam being dysfunctional now. my memory recorder. :(

linger... don't leave me.

looking at my Pa and dog makes me happy. really. just like when a Mom sees her child smiles. :)

i'm thinking about life... i want to be good and successful.


My Treasure

My family is my treasure.
I cherish my parents including my dog a lot.
Yesterday was my Dad's 73rd birthday!
We went to eat at Fatty Weng.
We had a great family talk.

If anyone asks me who on earth am I most willing to die for?
It will be my parents.
I love my Pa and Mummy!

Sometimes I feel that I can identify more with my Pa.
My Pa is the most wonderful person.
He is truly a hard-worker.
He is really domesticated.
He is understanding.
Most of all, he LOVES me.

Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank you for blessing me with my dear parents. I'm really glad that my parents are in the pink of health. I want to be a good daughter and obey them as much as possible.

Thank you for showing me love through them.
Amen. *pam*

The rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while.
1) My Christmas gift from Kin my hon!!! ~=) [Whee`!!!]
2) Dressing up Happy my bitch with my dear folks and having my hon over @ my house on Christmas night! =]
3) Presents from my fave boss! Thanks Ms. Leong! *Smile*
4) All the moments spent with my hon! Good or bad. :):)
5) Dining with my parents on one of the Sundays! I LOVE MY FOLKS LOTS!!!
6) Cookies I received from Xue Ying my bestie! Yum yum... ;p
7) Any time spent with Yu Han... All the conversations, laughters etc.
8) Wearing the lil' black dress I truly like on Christmas Eve.
9) Christmas card I received from Gillian who faithfully followed the old Christmas tradition.
10) Having pleasant conversations with kind strangers.

1. Spell your name as it sounds
punk ian nyk, pam mer ler
2. Are you available?
no la!
3. What’…