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My Eulogy for Happy

My Eulogy for Happy

Today is Maundy Thursday, 2 April, 2015.  Happy passed on at 15:26hrs.  It will be a day I will never forget.  My best friend has left this world but I believe she has gone heavenward and is waiting for us, her loved ones.


I used to be afraid of dogs, yes, that was until my best friend, Xue Ying had her first official pet, a Pomeranian, Kiki.  Although I am innately drawn to dogs, I did not dare to come in contact with them, fearing they might bite me.  I vaguely remember Xue Ying telling me about Kiki and I was really excited to meet her one day in the afternoon…  I think we were only 13 years old.  If my memory did not fail me, I recall meeting Kiki at Xue Ying’s flat void deck.  From a distance, I could see that Kiki was an active and very adorable puppy.  She was walking towards me at a seemingly fast pace and I became increasingly anxious.  At the spur of the moment, I told myself, “if you are going to let fear grip you and keep a distance, you will n…