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Afterthought on by-election 2012

19th May 2012 WP 1st By-election Rally

24th May 2012 @ WP Final By-election Rally with Uncle Ah Luck & Auntie :)
On 19th May 2012: I witnessed Uncle Ah Luck selling the Hougang Special By-election newsletters in a very enthusiastic fashion. So I asked Ah Luck whether he needed to have a sip of water. He replied he was fine.
After that he said, we were doing was for a better future. He said, "... it is for you young ones who have many years ahead. I am old..." ...
"You are important too!" said I.

It was a pleasure to serve with the volunteers at the merchandise booth. Thank you. :)

26th May 2012 Before By-election result WP supporters were cheering!
Then we were all anxious about the result...
After the By-election result, The crowd outside Block 322 Hougang Avenue 5 coffee shop were rejoicing for WP!

Big WP Flag at Block 309

The top picture depicts the crowd at WP By-election Rally in 2012, while the one below is that of PAP Rally in 1959.
[Afterthought] Whi…

WP for Hougang!

20th May 2012 During Campaign Trail, we spotted WP Flags in a longtime Hougang supporter's flat.

20th May 2012 After Campaign Trail with Mr Png Eng Huat, the man to vote for on 26th May 2012.

22nd May 2012 Selling brollies, newsletters, flags and books @ WP Rally site.

Credits: Photo from theonlinecitizen, taken by Chan Zhi Jian, Jeremy
22nd May 2012 WP 2nd Rally It was raining sometime halfway through the rally. Some supporters went to the nearest flats to take cover, while a few came to our booth, others who carried umbrellas continued listening to the rally speeches. WP leaders braved the rain on the stage and were deeply touched by the supporters who faithfully stayed to listen. When the rally ended, our booth cheered the supporters who were slowly exiting.
It was a very memorable night, the rain did not dampen the spirits of WP supporters. Instead it showed that we were all united. Such great camaraderie was one that I will remember for a very very long time.
 Lots of Love…

Mr Png Eng Huat for Hougang!

21st May 2012
It has been about a year after the general elections last year.  My understanding of politics in Singapore has increased with some readings, exchanges with people whom I learnt a lot from, as well as exposing myself to people of different political views.  Last year, before elections, I volunteered with National Solidarity Party (NSP) as they have contested in Tampines.  Prior to the elections, I focused mainly on understanding NSP's manifesto.  I would not say that I wholeheartedly supported the team (due to my lack of understanding of politics back then) but I knew the reasons why I was reluctant to vote for the ruling party and also I believed my motivation to not have one of the ministers, standing in Tampines GRC, to renew his term as a minister and Member of Parliament was strong.
After the elections, as suggested by one of the friends I made on the polling day, I decided to visit a few opposition parties during their open house and other activities.  As for the …

Parents' Day!

12th May 2012: Happy Parents' Day celebration!
Pam Petite
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5 Years Ago...

Reflecting on my life 5 years ago,
I held a different job, did not take up part time studies, met less people (some of whom provided insights and changed my life) and had less interests and experiences.
Thankful to God though I don't know what tomorrow brings. :)

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