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so today i suddenly become emo.
today i've decided to study art again.  a renewed faith.  i shall reach for my dreams. :D


To dream that you are going bald, suggests a lack of self-esteem or worries about getting older. Alternatively, baldness symbolizes humility, purity, and personal sacrifice. You are at a stage in your life where you are confident in fully exposing yourself.

New Fave Website!

New Fave Website!

Love, Pampi

Pull & Push

what's the determining factor for pulling & pushing an individual to another?
the answer may be complex, however, my mind seems to pick out the details subconsciously.
just when i thought i can trust a singular person, i realised i can't.
before letting my emotions rule, fortunately, something stopped me.

Brainiac the art and life of Matte Stephens: Mr. Owl is ready for fall.

Brainiac the art and life of Matte Stephens: Mr. Owl is ready for fall.
Just loving his art!
Love, Pampi on a cool day! xoxo

:) for no reason

today i'm happy for no reason...
i guess that's because i have let my inner-self rest!
xoxo, Pampi
Currently I'm trying to do more reading to improve my writing.  Also, it is time for me to start drawing again.  I miss my paper & pencil.  There's many areas of my life which I need to meliorate; in order to become a better person; as a daughter, friend, lover etc.  
I also specially want to thank my parents & friends who have shown concern for me.  I really need you  guys & time to prove to myself many things.  I know many who have known me for years do claim that they might not understand me.  I'm grateful for the thought of trying to understand me.  However, (women) including I, can be like waves.  Emotionally, we are sometimes up & sometimes down.  I believe this time off is more of a good thing than bad. :)
Having said the above, I still do love my darling.  Take care & have fun during your trip!
xoxo, Pam

I'll be ok!

It's kinda strange to say this... but i'm out of love.
I'll be alright, if you are wondering.
Everything happens for a reason, don't they?
I'm just trying to pull myself together, don't worry... I know God has been good to me and I'm learning life's lesson.
xoxo, Pam

July Plans...

July Plans...

1) Save $x this month;
2) Exercise 2 hours per week;
3) Complete reading of 2 books;
4) Accomplish 5 writings;
5) Complete 2 drawings;
6) Conduct holiday retreat planning;
7) Create a scrapbook for Happy;
8) Organise and clean my room every week;
9) Learn something new;
10) Watch 5 home movies with Ronkey without falling asleep in between (and other things which makes him happy);
11) Walk Happy on every Saturday morning & bath her at least once this month;
12) Do something nice for my besties;
13) Planning for bringing my folks on a holiday treat;
14) Read a verse from the bible at least twice per week; and
15) Buy a nice dress for myself as a birthday gift.

“Live every day as if it were your last, because one of these days, it will be.” - Jeremy Schwartz

Signing off,

Reviewing June Plans

1) Save $x this month;
2) Exercise twice per week;
3) Celebrate Father’s Day early;
4) Buy Macbook;
5) Create Photo Album for Happy;
6) Meet Germaine;
7) Complete my reading for “Think & Grow Rich”; and
8) Complete 2 drawings.

** Green are those that I have achieved! (Patting myself on my back for doing a good job!)
** Red, however, are those not achieved! (Gonna work on it!)

xoxo, Pampi