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Read from a self-help book that it'll be useful to write my goals and place them at a visible space. So here I am with these new goals pasted on my wall. Hopefully will be able to achieve them, given the timeline I set for myself.Tomorrow will be my 29th birthday. It feels a little different this year. I didn't actively initiate to meet up with a lot of people whom I care about and love. (I met up with some of my loved ones though there are many more very dear to me.) And in this month, I felt that I have grown a lot. Learnt the lesson of humility and patience. I also learnt that God loves me a lot and He will always be there for me, no matter what circumstances I may be in. I am not sure exactly how I am feeling as I am typing from my cellphone now but it is really just different. Perhaps the reality that God's Will is more important than anything else and that time is passing by as I sit here.Anyway, I am thankful to God for everything. I have a wonderful husband and fam…

Showing Support for the Singapore Botanic Gardens

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Plans for welfare and not for evil

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfareand not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. - Jeremiah 29:11 (ESVUK)
I have been job searching for about 1 month now and have been feeling down.  Volunteered at GoForth Conference on last Friday and met J there.  I have to say that his presence brought about some comfort.  He shared with me about how God brought him to his current employment and I was quietly happy for him.  He said that while he was overseas with his church mission team, a man came up to him and told him the bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11.  That had stick to my mind because from his sharing, I knew God was/is with him.  It has been tough for me emotionally as I seek for a new job.  My emotions are fluctuating.  I can be excited 1 minute when I received an interview invitation and down when I receive a phone screening that I deemed a poor performance on my part.
However, I know that God is good and no matter what I am experiencing at the moment…

A Wife of Noble Character

9th July 2014: Meditating on Proverbs 31:10-31 - A Wife of Noble Character.Thinking of God's will for my life and still seeking for direction. As I was returning home just now, I thought about the various household chores that I needed to do. I used to dread it a lot but yesterday it suddenly occurred to me that it is a blessing to serve my husband this way. Truly, I ask God to remind me to see it as a gesture of loving my husband than thinking of how difficult the tasks can be.When I see my husband's loved ones, I can't help but wonder how blessed I am to be in this closely-knitted family. Sometimes I am too overwhelmed by problems and not look on the bright side.To all who are facing crisis, think about your loved ones and how much they care about you.

On Murakami

The last time I picked up my pen to seriously write an essay was some years back and I have held back on writing for a while.  It has in fact been a long while.  I have even destroyed some of my well-thought through writings to destroy some memories.  (I regret it a little.) So history may be reinvented.  (That's what I thought.)  At least there's no supporting evidences.  I have not put writing as a priority therefore I have not been touching much of it.  Finally I am missing it after reading another of Murakami's work, Norwegian Wood. This is my third Murakami book.  Why do his works attract me?  I guess I find his writings very absurd but not impossible to happen.  Someone said to me that a good author understands human behaviour quite well.  Did Murakami write to please?  In certain ways, the protagonists in his books are ordinary human beings.  Their emotions are rational and predictable because as a reader, I listen to the protagonists' train of thoughts.  Howev…