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Things I do

simple & random sketching of my love & me Children Story Book: Lazy Santa & Toto by Kanako Usui * intend to read it to my tuition kids Love, Pam P.

Singapore Flyer Outing

some pictures for viewing pleasure... (cause i'm bored at work... hehee~)

Love, Pampi

Black Isis

Black Isis on board Singapore Flyer!





1st thing 1st, OBAMA IS THE 44TH US PRESIDENT!!! YEAHHH!!! =D Check this out:'m genuinely elated for Obama! Been waiting anxiously for the election result since yesterday! I think Obama will make a good president! Just take a look at the highly respected and influential people who backs Obama: Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey etc.Earlier in the election nomination, Oprah endorses Obama. well, let's now wait upon the good changes.

Election Day

Alrighty, finally it’s Election Day!!! I’m a proud supporter of Senator Obama. He is young and confident and exudes charisma.
I was really glad to be able to catch about half an hour of the last presidential debate. Sen. Obama spoke with poise and simply by observing how he argued his point across, you would find him irresistibly charming by not just shooting down his opponent but explaining with patience how he would take actions according to his plans.
Take a look at their respective campaigning websites. You will immediately realise a difference. For one, Obama’s web pages are comprehensive and basically not trying to injure his opponent. Secondly, with so many issues to tackle, I felt that he has solutions to most core problems like how a parent would assist their children. There is a distinct difference in how they would like to improve the healthcare services. Finally, the candidate he has chosen to work with is Joe Biden. Great choice. I doubt Governor Sarah Palin would be able t…
26.10.08 Great Eastern 10Km Women Run * jojo! my new friend... had a gr8t time running with the gurls!!! running / jogging is good 4 u & me! :):)