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The Best Tasting Cake :)

Chocolate Amer with "For My Best Friend Pam!" The Lovely Looking & Tasting Cake is from none other than my best best friend, Xue Ying! I must say I am very touched! Though there is a promotion & the cake is at half price, I am still truly glad to receive this gift! This year marks the 17th year of our treasured friendship. Till this day, the memory of our 1st encounter is still deeply embedded in my mind. The bag she was carrying & the exact design on it was almost as clear as clean seawater. We were the pioneers for our class as we were really early for school on the 1st day. 17 years later, my best friend is still my best friend. Our youthful primary school days... Exchanging letters during recess time when we got posted into different classes. Hanging out at the library & malls. Secondary school days... We maintained our friendship well. We met up after school. Polytechnic period... We meet up whenever we can. Finally, NOW! As adults, we do think about each other onc…

Don't Panic Magazine Home ARTIST PROFILE - JIM STOTEN

I believe that a person's life experiences will largely influence how they behave & react in any given situation. I believe that I have become more optimistic nowadays. Thanks to: 1) God, 2) boyfriend & close / good friends, 3) inspirational & motivational books, These 3 things really played a huge role lately; especially this year. Personally, I am into the idea that one should eliminate anything that brings you down. I know that "eliminate" seems like a BIG word, what I'm trying to put across is, don't let anything come between you and your dreams. To being wealthy is genuinely 1 of my desire. It is the thought of being affluent & rich someday soon that keeps me going forward. In my opinion, becoming rich doesn't have to cost you anything. Meaning, you don't have to sacrifice your very precious time with your family members; neglecting what's emotionally of higher importance. I'm a believer that there's a way to strike a balance. …

Hi all,

I have submitted my drawing to:

I am a supporter of saving the environment & hope to meet like-minded people.

Thanks for viewing.


Not in my bones

1) i dreamt that i was on some sorta variety game show similar to "Amazing Race".

2) i dreamt that i was a voluptuous teenager girl in a mafia family.

both of which, i wasn't in my own body.


Do Your Part

I'm impressed by our government's effort to a better future & to improve the environment. Click on this link: Personally, I can feel that people are more aware of the climatic changes and are making baby steps to change their lifestyles to battle the various pollution devils.

Due to the hot & humid weather, most of us in Singapore are switching on our air-conditioners. I always feel guilty when I have to turn on the machine. Let's all do our part to save the earth!


2009.05.20 Evening & 2009.05.21 Morning

2009.05.20 Evening & 2009.05.21 Morning

Days I Love


New Sketch Book Cover

New Sketch Book Cover Thinking of whether I should colour... Perhaps I will... Was touring on Twitter & saw Jeff Soto's work for sale... I'm really tempted to buy his book, Storm Clouds. I suppose I shall wait for a few more months more to really think through. xoxo, Pampi


Currently reading: "Think and Grow Rich"

I'm learning a couple of things like, how after I wrote my specific goals, I should read aloud to myself my mission to achieving the goals - that I am highly encouraged to be saying it with conviction & emotions.


Wedding Lunch with Besties

2009.05.17Me & My 2 BFFs @ Serene Chen's Wedding!It was so much fun attending wedding with my besties!Eunice whom Gil & I dubbed "Da Jie" was constantly helping us to the dishes!We love you, Eunice!*hugs*xo, Pampi

Stark Messages

Stark Messages which are self-explanatoryPampi

Thoughts on LGBT

The First-ever Official Public Gathering for a LGBT Cause in Singapore! Some may say, "What has society evolved to?" However, when you do know of people whom you love has identified themselves as being part of this group of people, would you choose to accept them & love them for who they are or would you choose to forsake them? Given my upbringing & religion, I would have chosen to not be associated with them. Instead, I choose to love them for who they are. At the end of the day, I want to be known as the person who has been a part of their lives because I love them, not as someone who outcasted them because they & I are different. Love, Pam P.S: This does not mean that I am in approval of a L or G or B or T.

Be the voice for what you believe in

Went with my darling & Ruth to the Singapore Animal Symposium 2009 on Saturday. It was an eye-opener for all of us - how animal lovers would take the stand to be the voices of our animal friends. There were aplenty of issues discussed such as animal rightsvs animal welfare. However, the main discussion of the day was animal welfare. I am really proud of the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) as Dr Lou & Dr Leow had both seemingly put their effort in explaining what they have done for the various issues and they are very open to suggestions. I am also enlightened by the panellists from different animal welfare societies, as well as the participative audiences.

There was a particular issue which was brought to our attention. Cats are NOT allowed as pets in HDB apartments; cats also have NO license. I wasn't aware of this fact as I knew of many friends who have cats as pets. I only discover about this when a friend emailed my darling recently.
There were a …

The 3 Essential Things

there's only 3 things missing in my life: 1) God 2) money 3) exercise ...seems BIG! pam

1st Attempt of sketching Happy

Sketching of Happy Think I can do a better job next time. This is my 1st attempt of sketching Happy. :) I've been reading Marvel's version of "The Picture of Dorian Gray". I'm immersed in my reading of the graphic novel. Reminds me so much of the days I used to read Slam Dunk, Wild Half, Archie & other comics continuously & deeply engrossed. Anyways, I really want to complete my reading this week. See ya around soon! Love, Pampi

Aliens Human

Aliens HumanA sketching I decided to complete yesterday night.I'm thinking of character development for 2 of the aliens.Shall ponder and let you know soon.Thanks for reading.xo, Pampi

Amazing Race 14

I didn't watch the entire season of The Amazing Race 14 but the finale was truly amazing... It was tear jerking. A few drops of tears managed to make their way out from my eyes. ~ I understood how frustrating it can be when you are the early bird and that you are full of confidence and yet at the very last stage, you had to fall & fail yourself. While watching, i saw Luke, the deaf guy trying endlessly to replace the last 2 surfboards. He started fast, however, almost to the end, he just couldn't pick out the correct surfboards. in the end, the winning team who consisted of Victor & Tammy proceeded to the finishing point while Margie & Luke together with the cheerleaders team were struggling. Margie decided to ask Luke to help Jaime picked out the 1st surfboard. After Jaime was done with the road block, she helped Luke checked all his answers. Jaime & Luke who did the road block was inevitably disappointed with themselves & blaming their respective team f…

Updates 4 U & The Ecstatic Me!

2009.05.07 - Clubbed @ Taboo
Upon returning home, I realised my little parcel has arrived!
My precious Mark Ryden's Tree Show postcards have arrived!I'm gonna be really protective of them! Hehee~Saturday Night: 9th May2009,I attempted to draw this picture of us during the Christmas season last year:
You will be seeing the sketching soon.(But I'm a little disappointed with it though... I'm not too good at drawing people)So, catch up soon!Tata!<3,>

Mother's Day 2009

Hi all, Hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend! It was Mother's Day & I totally enjoyed myself with Ron's family as well as mine. Later in the evening yesterday, we had a family walk @ the nearby park. It was good fun! xo, Pampi

On the MRT towards Bedok Station

Date: 2009.05.05
Time: 09:11 hrs
Setting: On the MRT towards Bedok Station

Everyday renews your opportunity to make your day a good / bad one. This morning I packed my gym bag ready for a workout session later in the day. Preparation for the things I need for the day caused me to eliminate a reading material. Listening to music banging rhythmically from my headphones vibrating to my 2 eardrums and observing random people, I start to feel jaded. It wasn't the same as yesterday or the day before or any other day.

If you were to turn a page of the "Life of Pampi" backwards, you would realise I was with the one I love; still awaiting for the Townlink bus to get to the interchange at this exact minute - boredom didn't visit me.

For now, the single me is sitting at the centre of the blue section seats, thinking of using this spare time to jot down some random rubbish just to post on facebook.

Oh seriously, c'mon...

Who really wants boredom as a good friend?

Ron & Kat [zen] Sketching

Hi all,

I'm excited to present to you...

Ron & Kat [zen] Sketching Ron & Kat [original] - remember?Dedicated to my love. Hope you like it. :)xo, Pampi

Looking Forward

This month, I'm looking forward to:

1) new clothes!
2) catching up with friends!
3) Mother's Day!
4) accomplishing 2 new drawings!
5) wedding lunch!

Yeahs! >.<


Good Change

The Me Before
The Me AfterHope you like my new hairstyle as I certainly enjoy having good changes!xo,Pampi