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Teeny pleasant news

I've got for myself a seemingly decent part time job!!! Yeah! =D Right now I'm awaiting for the other full time job to be granted within this week...

Spent my day with dear as it has been his off day. We were both totally fatigued. Finally grabbed the opportunity to talk to him a little more about God at the right place and time. So glad he was interested. Good day!

Tomorrow's gonna be better since I'm working... Hehee... ;)

Generally life seems to revolve only around:

* Dear
* Books / Novels / Magazines not forgetting The Straits Times
* Trying to be attending cell group + church services
* Listening to music
* Coffee!!!
* Surfing the net.. BORING...
* Cheap thrill of hiting the arcade with dear for those shooting games
* DVDs & VCDs

** and the other activities that are necessary like:

- wash up
- eat
- bathe
- sleep

Actually God's a necessity. I gotta draw near to Him cause I know that He loves me.

That's all for now... I have a very uninteresting life. But I'm happ…

be lost in it...

Read... Finished off The Little Prince - Antoine De Saint-Exupery
Three quarter of it was read while I was drinking latte @ Starbucks waiting for dear... A friendly waiter asked how was my day and exclaimed, "Oh, you're reading the little prince... It seemed more for adults than children." I replied, "Oh yah... That seems true." Somehow his appearance transformed the cafe into a friendlier environment for me. It's the type of place I like to hang around. Just lay my buxomy body on the comfy couch, get my fave beverage and get transported to another world where I am the invisible character @ the setting.

The remaining pages were scanned by on my bus ride home. I was so stirred by the story that I wanted to tear. Tilting my head backward for a few seconds helped me to fight off the involuntary fluids born from my eyes. It was one of those very rare moments when a book makes me feel so much for its characters.

I just wonder how beautiful it would be to rewind …

It's suffice! I need to get out... Right now!

"Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour your heart out before Him; God is a refuge for us." Psalm 62:8

It's times like this when I get so vulnerable, somewhat pressured and in need of the Almighty to bring me through tough times I have to face inevitable circumstances as this. I feel really helpless. Like I am incapable of everything and anything. I guess umpteen consultations from my dear could not put away nor suffice my worrisome heart as to my current distressing state of not finding my tailor made job.

Tomorrow's the day. I have 1 shot. I thank God for the golden opportunity for a chance to do something seemingly desirable. I know I should brace myself but God knows how low self-esteem I possess. God is my only strength. Though I long to do something with languages, I knew well I do not have the flair like I knew millions would possess. I just really pray that if God puts me there for a purpose, I'll do my best and would be an eager learner.

I've enough …


eventually, a lady with a sweet-sounding voice dialed my number. i picked up with an expectant and presumptuous tone. the caller informed where she was calling from as i blurted something else. after coming to my realization that she was someone unfamiliar, i listened. it was about a job opportunity. i was/am hopeful. sounded like something i want and hoped for. God is good! interview first...

went for combined CF orientation programme. realized that i hardly recognized more than 5 souls initially. was feeling out of place. it got better later when i saw angeline especially! chin sing!!! thought i was on lonely planet for a while. somehow i felt that i lost most of my socializing skills though i'm not the noisy one in a group. i just don't know which category of questions to be starting with strangers of the younger age group. what i used to be am not what i'm now. people seemed to be asking me questions and it seemed like an interview. but i felt good really. cf has truly …

just an entry

"May she be an ebony of beauty around your aging neck and a crown of purity and joy on your graying head." excerpt from Taste and See - John Piper from a man named Johnny

another day of me going through the same routine @ home. woke up from a very bizarre dream this morning. open my dream journal and immediately jotted whatever i can recall in a very curvsive and sort of untidy handwriting. i've been dreaming almost every night lately. i think i'm just really troubled by the finding the right job thing. i'm worried. it was around 0530hrs. my alarm rang. it was the time dear prepared for work. so tiring for him mentally and physically. i can almost instantly understand how unwilling he was to go work at that time. it just seems that the more i get to know him, the more loving i find him to be. sometimes i'll just play in my head how so and so would react in the different scenarios with my behaviour. and then i just think if i didn't react that way, could it…
checked new place out with my dear yu han. Wiener Kaffeehaus Cafe @ Bukit Pasoh Conservation Area
148 Neil Road (S)088877

just wanna do a recommendation. i like the ambience of the cafe. i enjoy places where i can try something new, yak with the person/people i'm really comfortable with whilst sipping down some nice coffee... oh and desserts are a plus plus. i love desserts... chocolate chocolate chocolates... *grinz*

yu han's french coffee and apple strudel.

foreground: The ever popular Viennese gateaux Sachertorte. it's yummilicious.

me pouring my turkish coffee! it's really unique!! i like it. =D thumbs up!

a photograph taken by me after i dine @ wiener kaffeehaus cafe. it was along a line of warehouses near outram. wanted to submit to national geographic but looking through the pictures, i knew mine could not be anywhere near to comparison.

received a snail mail from a brother i respected a lot. really jubilant that he remembers me and that he is getting on so well! …


My IQ score was 118 as on October 2006. (looking through my emode results)

Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you're able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas.

Kinda bored so was just browsing through. Wonder if my intelligence has improved in any ways. *grinz* (probably not with all the staying @ home)

Just really jaded. Had my afternoon nap after reading Dan Brown's Angels & Demons. Got up from my nap still feeling the lunch not half digested. Read the novel again till it was around 20:00hrs. Watch teevee. no motivation for anything other than to update my blog. Switch between shows and PC. Waited for my dear to call. Had a herbal chicken soup maggie mee, apple & water. Dear called. Informed me plans for tomorrow. Can't wait for time to tic…


i don't like to make promises. in fact i hardly. because i knew most of the time i'm bound to break it. instead i sometimes give people hope. in the end, i never fulfil it. i guess i'm just to tired. socializing requires a lot from me. i gotta react in a friendly way which i recognized is not an adjective i'm born with.

i felt like a couch potato since the start of this month. i just resigned from my job. i usually head home after work and don't hang around as much as in the past. on weekends, i only wanna chill with mel or yu han. that's my life. kinda like a straight line. not much spice. nothing to spruce it up. just monotonous. zzz...

met up with people whom i want to for the past month.

oh and it was easter. it was in my CPU the best easter i had. probably due to the stage performance by city harvest drama... perhaps it was the fellowshiping time with the cell + jia bao.. a sister i knew for like 12 years.. finally i had the chance to update her what i had go…

fave song of the moment

it could make me cry... easily

use your imagination to picture the setting and anecdote i'm about to inform you about:

friendly uncle in his 50s: hello! helLO!! HELLO!!!

lady in her 20s: (turns her head reluctantly @ the source of the yelling...) Uncle! (and walks towards the familiar face)

uncle: hui jia ah? {heading home}

lady: mai fan... chi fan ah? {buying dinner... eating now?}

uncle: zuo xia lai la... {sit here...}

lady: bu yao la... wo yao mai fan... {it's alright... i need to buy dinner}

after some persuasion, the lady agreed.. and sat down beside @ a table of regular kopitiam uncles.

she was heavy in her heart. "hope you don't feel offended. it's good for you to decide to quit. xxx has been @#$% towards you. when you intended to resign earlier on then i decided to tell you i'm leaving too. 'yyy' as well. xxx found the way you worked slow. i told boss as you have said that of your responsibility was narrow, that's why you didn't hurry."

downcast. the incident told by one…

too little too late

it's too little too late...
to want to explain what happened to you.
you were a jerk.
if you wanna clarify my doubts about you...
then say it right to me...
i have reasons to be upset...
big bastard.