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2012 New Year Resolution

I've been making New Year Resolution for the past few years. This year, I have only achieved 5 out of 25 goals but that isn't discouraging to me. The problem with my goal setting is that it isn't specific enough. For instance, "be punctual" is really hard for me to achieve but if I state more specifically that if I am going to be late, I shouldn't be late for more than 15 minutes which would be easier to achieve.

Well, it may sound like I am not emphasizing enough discipline but sometimes I think it's healthy to cut some slacks; don't be so tough on yourself. What really matters is that I've made plans for betterment and seek to become a better person. :)

Happy New Year to all in advance!

Pam Petite


I remember visiting the various mission booths a number of years ago. There were a handful of Christian mission organisations that want to reach out to non-believers across the borders. As a child of God, my calling is to first evangelise to the people around me - my boyfriend and close friends, as well as live out loud as a good testimony but these few years, I failed to.

The fact that I finally looked at the China Prayer Update served as a reminder to me that I should turn to God more often.

I pray that I will settle in a church next year and have a closer walk with God.

Pam Petite

Looking back at 2011

Looking back at 2011...

Things to be Happy about!

1) Found a new best friend/lover;
2) Conquered Mount Kinabalu, Low’s Peak;
3) Pretty contented with the outcome of GE 2011;
4) Meaningful volunteering duties;
5) Made good new friends;
6) Met up with CF friends I have not seen in a while;
7) Met Nat’s good friends and family;
9) Quality family time spent; and
10) Quality time with good friends.

Unfortunate things that happened…

1) Failed relationship (early this year);
2) Earthquake in Japan;
3) Suicides at Bedok reservoir;
4) Thailand flood;
5) Death of a furry pal I adore; and
6) Train breakdowns.


2011 will be an unforgettable year!  The elections, my first adventure trip - trekked and encountered a snake in the dark, attempted tree climbing, made meaningful friendships, enjoyed tutoring and learning so many new things!
Indeed, God has blessed me with so many good things this year.  As this year is coming to an end, I really look forward to 2012 with hope.
Love, Pam

AJCC GRC Christmas Celebration

11th December 2011 AJCC GRC Christmas Celebration! My friends and I had a whale of a time! :) The MPs are very cordial and the attendees of this event seem to be having a great time. Looking forward to the next event.
Cheers, Pam

My Life List Member Story: Try a very different hairstyle

My Life List Member Story: Try a very different hairstyle


I know this is a really delayed piece but I love listing things that I have attempted. :)

This is so that I can share with my children in the future and glad I have done the things I set out to do.

How about you? Do you have a bucket list?

Pam Petite

My curiosity about the LGBT community

Hello! TGIF! Read something thought-provoking so I think I'll share it here.
Saw this link being published by a friend on my news feed and thought it is interesting.  I've always been curious about children who are being raised by gay parents.  I remember having a conversation with one of my friends who told me that this group of children will get exposure to the secular world at a much earlier age.  I did not read up tremendously upon that conversation but it did make sense to me.  They would be aware of the term "gay" and "lesbian" at a much younger age.  Additionally, in my own opinion, they may be more sensitive to others' feelings and understand what it means to be discriminated and stand up for causes that they deem unfair to certain communities. 
Recalling my teenage years, I remember boys who behaved in a quietly feminine fashion would be rumoured to be gay and this was often associated with the term, sissy which really isn't a word that con…