Flash Fiction (by Pamela Pang Y.N.)
Chasing & Wasting (16th September 2009 at 1:13pm)
7 years later, he called. Her answering machine automatically answered the call after a few rings.  “Hey Vanessa, this is Carl… Um, how have you been? Please call me back?” He released a breath, not knowing what to add. Exhilaration mixed with a deep sense of unpredictability, he continued.  “I miss you.  Are you in London now?” 
“Hello? Who is this?” answered an unfamiliar male voice.  “I’m Carl.  Is Vanessa in?” he replied.
“Sorry, Vanessa has moved out.”
“Do you know where she is?”
“The last I heard she was at Nyhavn, Copenhagen.  Living in one of those colourful houses” he paused for a mere second, “This is Javier by the way, I’m Vanessa’s friend.”  
“Hi Javier, can I have her contact please?”
“I’m sorry, she has informed me not to disclose her contacts.”
“YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND JAV! I have something urgent for her.”
“Sorry dude, I really can’t disclose.  By the way Carl, she left a week ago and she told me that she has been waiting on a guy for more than half a decade.  He was traceless.  I wonder if it’s you?” paused, “Oh never mind, the last thing she said was, I’ll never turn back ever again.”
Multiple warm streams of salty tears rolled uncontrollably down her rosy plains.  She asked with permission, “Can I give you the last kiss?”  He watched her lips mouthed those words; words she never had to say to him before, or rather, a question she never had to ask aforetime.
She was sitting at the front yard, waiting for his return.  Day after day; moon after moon, he was out of sight.  Despite discontented with her present experience, her usual persistence brought her to believe that one day he will appear miraculously.
Stranger or enemy?  Nobody knows.  She is wasting time while he is chasing time. 


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