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Love is ...

Love is ...
My experiences with romantic relationships have never been smooth.  Hence the skepticism.  In my last few relationships I believe that I have tried my best to make it work but failed.  When I reflected on my past actions, I wouldn't say that I am proud of what I did; neither will I say that I would have chosen an alternative path.  I used to embrace the phrase, "live with no regrets" but that could also mean I do not think  other courses of action would result in a more delightful end.
"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." -- Soren Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher (1813 - 1855)
Had a conversation with my darling last night.  Sometimes the words that were released from my vocal cords were primary from my subconscious mind, certainly my conscious mind too was simultaneously at work; just that in a fatigue state I would utter without much careful consideration.
What the bible says about love?
1 Corinthians 13
4Love is pa…

The Cat Project debuts!


I have updated my art blog: sketchypam.  Please do drop by when you have leisure time. 
An additional page has been added, titled "The Cat Project".  Do comment and vote for your favourite photograph from time to time.

Thank you very much!  Appreciate. ^_^

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The Cat Project

23rd September 2011
Decided to start The Cat Project. I'll be posting photographs of cats in my art blog sketchypam very soon! Do drop by once in a while for spectacular prints of various meow meows! :)
Pam Petite

Urge to Cry

Perhaps blogging during my lunch time can become one of my new habits.  I do not know why I feel despondent today.  I have the urge to cry but I ain't gonna do that because there's no reason why I should.  Nobody has treated me bad nor made me feel agitated; I just don't feel good. 
The possibilities are:-
1. PMS; 2. I'm unhappy about certain things; 3. The need for me to rush my school assignment; and 4. Too much happening in my life now and I need a break!!!

Pam Petite

There is a time for everything.

I am a greedy person, yes for I try to acquire as much knowledge as possible everyday...

Things I do to gain knowledge

1. Listen to the radio;
2. Watch the news/documentaries/shows etc (not daily);
3. Read The Straits Times (not regular for weekend);
4. Read online news/reviews/gossips etc; and
5. Read my reading material of the day (any [text]book, novel, magazine, graphic novel too at times etc).

Similarly for my lifestyle, I like to have one that is enriching.  I believe that one should make good use of the time that God has given to each of us. 

In the bible, it is mentioned that,
"There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens: " Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)

Knowledge is everywhere.  It doesn't need to be something significantly important/practical; it can be on any topic -- movies, swimsuit models, celebrities' scandal etc.  Well, at the least it has to interest you!

What I have been doing lately

1. Working;
2. Doing my part-time studies;
3. …

Let's talk about Love...

It's yet another Monday.  I am feeling exhausted and jaded.  My weekend has been eventful which it has indeed left me in a un-entertained, unmotivated state now as I sit in front of my office laptop.  It's almost lunch time and I can have some time-out to blog here. 
Browsing through the content of my blog, it is mostly disconnected and boring.  A netizen who happens to drop by my blog would not gain more knowledge or get to understand any aspects of me better.  To a certain extend, my blog is pretty redundant as it does not serve any particular purpose; it is simply snippets from my life -- what I did, where I have been, how I felt and some of my opinions etc.  Honestly, if I do not know myself in person, I would not frequent my blog.  I yearn to revamp this site so that it will be more worthy of its existence but yet deep down I do not feel that I am obliged to do so.  Afterall, the blog is mine, I can type and share whatever I like!
Let's talk about Love...
Being in a…

Grandfather Lee: YOUR vision, not mine!

Mr Lee (Kuan Yew) is a well-respected figure in my family.  I shall take a picture of the biographies my parents have religiously bought some other day (maybe I should contribute by purchasing Hard Truths just to complete the collection).  Anyone who studied Singapore history would respect him in some way or another.  However, lately grandfather Lee seemed to be revealing his true self and not bothering much about how the current generation thinks about our society.
Here is an article from New Nation, an online magazine I read.
Former MM Lee Kuan Yew: The Singapore vision is your vision, not my vision.
Pam Petite

What Mr Lee said.

14th September 2011:

Since I borrowed my tuition student's Social Studies textbook, I brought it to work to read during my lunch break.

Below is what Mr Lee said during the time of independence.

"Singapore shall be FOREVER a sovereign DEMOCRATIC and INDEPENDENT nation, founded upon the principles of LIBERTY and JUSTICE and seeking the welfare and HAPPINESS for its people in a more JUST and EQUAL society."

Do you think it is reflective of the Singapore society now?

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Pleasant Encounter

10th September 2011:
A pleasant encounter during our first morning jog.
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Jesus Camp invades Singapore. Really?

Personally I have not watched Jesus Camp but reading this article on New Nation really freaks me out: Jesus Camp invades Singapore.

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Dogs live in packs or families?

9th September 2011:

Currently I'm reading this book, "Animals make us human".

Today I read about whether dogs live in packs or families?  This is because, many of us have this misperception that wolves live in packs.  In actuality, they live in families.  This means there is a father, mother and their pups.  Interestingly so as they are predator animals and do not need to stay as a pack for protective reasons; like how prey animals do.

Reading on...

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Yes, I'm in Love!

Good News to share...

I'm in love!
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Pledge "No" to Shark Fin Soup

Something to share...

The Sharks died for you but you only consume their fins.
I've pledge not to eat/drink Shark Fin Soup since 2009. I believe that raising awareness of the source of this delicacy will propel more people to make a conscious effort to stop their consumption, especially during Chinese wedding banquets. Yeah, I know that some of us might think that not much can be done and it is essentially a waste of food. However, why not think about it this way - when there is a drop in demand, there will be lesser restaurants/hotels serving this dish.
Every effort counts and when it becomes a collective effort, we can begin to see a positive change.
Additionally, I believe to affirm a conscious effort and remain faithful is to take a step forward to take a pledge.

National Day Outreach

[Looking back...]
9th Aug 2011:
National Day Outreach with Workers' Party (WP)! It was a memorable & meaningful day out with other volunteers of WP! Felt like I was partaking in a school excursion. Made a couple of friends there and we went for a fishing session after that. This would be the most beautiful memory I had of National Day. Hope there would be more happy happenings to come! :)
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Happy Teacher's Day!

My tuition student seemed to be confident about his Oral exam yesterday. All the best Ian! Anyway, it puts a smile on my face! :) Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers, educators, coaches and mentors!
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Pam Petite

Never-Wrong Pundit Picks Obama to Win in 2012 - Washington Whispers (

I hope Lictman is right about his own predictions. He has been accurate since '84 so there's some credibility there.

Never-Wrong Pundit Picks Obama to Win in 2012 - Washington Whispers (

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