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Bookmark & Door Hanger

Fat Green Caterpillar (bookmark)
Dear Blog,

New bookmark by me.

The lovely FAT GREEN CATERPILLAR was shot by me...

more than 2 years ago.

How I wish I could witness its metamorphosis...

That's if I have all the time in the world... geex... :)


Designed my very own name card today too...

(look on the right hand column under Tutoring Experience)

Just for fun and it's temporal...

It's a little informal though...

I will definitely redesign it. :) ~ Door Hanger of Pampi & fairy
Make it just to warn unexpected guests about what's ahead: My Messy Lil' Room ~
If anyone would like me to make you a lil' something...

I will be glad I mean really ecstatic to do so...

**I may even do it for free** (No $$ = Save $$)

Do give feedback if you think I can improve on anything too!

Tata for now! =D


**terms & conditions apply.

HAPPY (Locked Up in Pam's Room)

Dear Blog,This is for the LOVE of Pam to Happy!!!Sorry you've got to be locked up...But you're a goodie pie! ;p*pam*
Dear Blog,

Finally i get to meet this friend who is currently still serving his National Service. It felt good to be meeting up with him. I love direct face-to-face contact with people more than other avenues of communication. It makes reality come alive; for me to mentally acknowledge everything is real. The conversation, our physical existence etc.

To me, for people to connect mentally and emotionally with one another is not easy. You can hang out with anybody and feel as though you were alone the whole time, surrounded by people you know.

I simply don't understand myself. Lately I seem more cheerful, however, I can't avoid feeling discontented. There's always this "thing" which I desire to have. But when I achieve it, I'll be like it is not as awesome as I thought. Sigh~ Something's wrong with me?

Love & Hate. Do they come hand-in-hand? Is it true that if you love someone much, there will be a possibility that you'll hate that particular person if…

Crocs in Hawaii

Dear Blog,
A Pair of Mating Crocodiles in Hawaii: Tom & Mili (pencil & colour crayons) My drawing is that of a child. Drawing & colouring brings me back to childhood, where I can bring my characters to anywhere I want them to be. The characters may not be perfect. They can have an inproportionate body yet be grateful and jovial. Crocodiles are designed with the appearances they most desire; checkered or striped. Life is beautiful in a drawing. Isn't it? =D *pam*


Dear Blog, IDIOCRACY: PEANUT BRAIN My very ugly sketch inspired by the movie, Idiocracy *pam*
Dear Blog, Happy's dinner
Happily enjoying her food prepared by the loving owner - me. *pam*

Cheers to Good O' Times!!!

Dear Blog, Time flies!!!
It's Jing's birthday once again...

4 years of friendship!! =DAnd still growing strong... *pam*

Another Nostalgic Moment

Dear Blog, iGenius gang! Miss 'em...
With Yen Hoon...Arm painting...Wad a long long time ago...*pam*

My angel

Dear Blog, Happy is my angel!!! She killed the lil' pest... Poor baby lizard...

Look at my Happy's innocent look... "I'm no murderer."

After seemingly brutal attack by Happy... She is actually rather gentle with it... Guess the tiny reptile is too small to escape nor fight my bitch... Geex... ;p *pam*

What I've Been Up To..

Dear Blog, Mom & Me
(thought i over-smiled.. other than my face dimple, extra smiling lines near my cheek)
Picture was taken on Sunday afternoon... It has been a looong while since I had breakfast with Ma... Had a good conversation... Realized that she understood my situation though I initially thought she wouldn't... I have basically been up to nothing really by society standards, meaning to say I'm jobless / unemployed... How unpleasant... However, had been spending time with my honey a lot... He's kinda my support... No worries though... I will find the right job... I just have to Trust in the Lord!

Attended Sharon's wedding on the 20th September... It was really quite exciting to attend a friend's wedding... Here are some pictures...
At the reception area of Sheraton Towers with 4E4 classmates

With the little navy officers... =) "The flower girl & page boy"

Me asking for a glass of champagne... Wahaha... Nah... I was saying, "Germaine, come here!"

Life is Vulnerable

Dear Blog,

My honey witnessed a car accident within a very close proximity this morning. The moment he returned home, immediately he described to me the entire situation. Indeed as he said, "Life is vulnerable." I could see his compassionate juice rushing from his heart to his eyes. I'm in love with the right man. Standing right in front of me. This man with a kind nature is created by God.

A reminder? A sign?

Love your neighbour...