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Do List


It's my last day of work at Nippon! Yay! Though I must say I will miss my dear colleagues.
Since I have plentiful time, I've listed some activities that I want to do before I face the new challenges ahead. :)

Things to do before I start on my new job next month

1. Go for a good brunch
2. Complete reading a book
3. Trekking
4. Painting
5. Cycling
6. Visit the wet market
7. Visit an animal farm
8. Visit a museum
9. Watch a movie alone
10. Attempt to cook something / Learn something new


Treasure Every Moment

Following the death of my best friend's dog, I become worried about my dog's well-being.  Also attributed to the fact that Happy's (my dog) skin condition was worsening, I decided to wait no longer and brought her to the vet yesterday evening.
Facts about Happy
#1. My dog, Happy is turning 11 years old on 1st of March. #2. She has always been a little overweight. #3. Other than ear infection these few years, she has some skin problems lately. #4. She is still as active and adorable. #5. She rushes to me excitedly everytime I come home.
Facts about Me, the Owner
#1. I walk Happy occasionally; once every month (my dad walks her every morning). #2. My parents are the main people looking after her (feeding, cleaning and bathing her). #3. My parents think that I am incapable of taking good care of her if I am the only one left to do so.
I admit that I am guilty of not keeping to the promises I made 11 years ago on 11th June 2001.  My parents trusted that I would be the owner I c…

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word

Great video! Religion is man centered, Jesus is God-centered.


Being positive :)

2011 has been a great year for me!
Today as I was reading "Be Excellent at Anything", I learnt a new term called "realistic optimism". I find it rather interesting as I have been reading a lot of self-help books which taught me to be positive in every situation. However, there are many times in my life which I found utterly hard to be positive. For instance, if I want for myself to be the fastest Singaporean female marathon runner within 2 years (which is really unrealistic). I am not stating that it is something absolutely impossible but that would mean I need very disciplined training immediately. It may not be feasible because I have other priorities to attend to therefore I am not able to entirely focus on this particular goal. Realistic optimism in my opinion, is to be humble and set rational means to achieve desired outcome. The author continued to relate that, "more commonly, and often unconsciously, we look to confirm what we already believe - by tel…