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10 April 2014

Ever since I returned to church this year, sometime in February, the Lord has been good to me, surpassing human expectations.  I have decided never ever to leave His church ever again and realised how blessed I am even though I have been away from home for so long.  A lot of things had happened  and in all these, it showed the evidence of God in my life.  As a mortal, it is so easy to forget God's grace, mercy and blessing and in order to help myself remember, I bought a physical diary to record some of God's blessings.  
I believe it was Pastor Rodney who spoke about doing God's Will last year.  If I wasn't wrong, he said that some people would rather not know God's Will for their lives because if they do know, they'll have to do it.  The message spoke to me and it spurred me to want to seek God's Will for my life.  For the past decade, on hindsight, to me it sometimes seemed that I have not used my time wisely -- I have not been serving God.  I felt remo…