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How is motherhood going to be?

For the past few months, I have been making changes to my life, little by little.  The logical reasoning is that I am preparing for my soon married life.  But the bigger reason is that I want to become a better person for God and the people around me.  As I am sitting now at Starbucks and typing this blog entry using my tablet, I thought about what to do for the rest of the day.  I thought of going for a jog, study, purchase new reading materials and arranging stuff at home.  I'll say that life is still pretty much carefree as a single. 

As an only child, I never had to worry much about performing certain tasks in my household.  There are pros and cons about growing in a family with no siblings.  However, I believe things will begin to change when I am a married woman.  For the past few months, I have disciplined myself to have devotion time, jog and eat responsibly.  Also, thanks to my job, I get to create simple artwork and cook dishes.  My studies, in additional, may help to g…

The Kind of Life I Want

Yesterday during my sharing session at work, I talked about a TED Talk, The museum of you that I watched before I arrived at work.  I wanted to say something about September 11 but didn't know which aspect.  After watching the video, I was reminded about the topic of my colleague's sharing a week ago on "Memories".  He talked about how important it was for him to be reminded of God's goodness on a daily basis.  He wanted to bequeath a legacy of journal writings about how God worked in his life.  The sharing also included other mementoes he kept as reminders.  I think it will be great for every person to have short videos on significant moments of their lives.  The videos may include interviews with people involved in the event.  After all, Alzheimer's disease may occur to anyone, at anytime.
The second part of my sharing was what I had prepared.  It was about discipline and self-control.  I talked about the differences between the two and how difficult it wa…