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26072008 timbre @ The Substation with my 2 BFFs Part One: 1) SAM (Louvre 200) 2) Dinner @ Raffles City - Ding Tai Fung 3) Neoprint @ Bugis (old school!!) 4) visited the outdoor dining pub with live band, Timbre (good music, good chill-out place)
Tarte Citron from Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie (Lemon Meringue) fyi: i heart meringue (awefullysinful)

27072008 Tony Romas @ Suntec Part Two: 1) The Mind Cafe @ Purvis Street 2) Dinner @ Tony Romas Part Three: 28072008 Met Germaine for dinner @ Kenny Rogers. Part Four: 29072008 Dinner with Poly Clique plus one Gabriel @ Cafe Cartel, Tampines Wonderful catch up session! Thanks for the love charm bracelet... That was very thoughtful... Love you guys! Part Five: 30072008 The Special Day Churchies Sistas Dinner @ my fave restaurant NYDC @ Suntec Had 'That Boney Cake' for dessert Thanks for the pouch & mini manual-winding metallic musical toy... That was the 2nd one from you girls... (the 1st one was for my 21st) they said, "something you once said you wanted.…
HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF! Today feels like a wonderful day!!! :0) Happy Birthday to Arnold Schwarzenegger too... Glad to be "affliated" with you. LOL.
after a while...

i realised:-
(1) God is essential to my life;
(2) i really need to take care of my folks;
(3) i have a deep yearning for my dreams to be fulfilled;
(4) money is very important to me.

after a while...

i also discovered:-
(a) it's better to be dating than to be in a relationship.

yet after a while...

people grow up inevitably.

halo! just updated my other blog - rare owl. do check out if you have the time:

Pam P.
hi everybody, most of you are aware that my favourite animals are dogs in general. let me introduce you guys to the list of my favourite animals!!! (i'm really excited to be mentioning animals) one) dogs two) koala bears three) owls four) flamingos five) hamsters six) giraffes seven) horses i have signed a petition to save the flamingos. wanna find out more? head on to this website: do what you can for the other creatures on this planet. we definitely want our little ones to be able to see the beautiful creations of God! moving on, book recommendation: Rich dad Poor dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter. this book focuses on how the rich are rich. it teaches one about financial intelligence (FQ). good read; at the moment it benefited me. i hope it helps others too. next up, gil came to my house to have a home-cooked dinner by my dad and played with my happy yesterday while i'm supposed to watch her kungku panda dvd. gillian, i love you…
watched '10 promises to my dog' with bff xue. gr8t movie for dog lovers. triggers the thought of living your life without your furry best friend. i'm certain that all dog owners would give thumbs up to this heartwarming flick.
a picture to remind me how much i love my happy!
hahas, and then i am able to wear my contact lenses once again. =)grey beauty...
okay, i was overjoyed one moment and all my hopes, equivalent to 100%, is entirely shattered when the next moment arrived and switched my world so upside down that i determined on my mindset to change forever. alright, call it karma.

When you love someone, you took a risk of breaking your heart. - Anonymous

so this is birthday month. i'm absolutely looking forward to the 2nd half of the year. listening to the radio truly helps me to become more positive and i really need optimistic energy to flow. let's take a look at what's so bad about the Jan - Jun 2008:- (1) drifted spiritually from God; (2) indecisiveness ruining my relationship; (3) weak supporting role as a daughter; (4) poor financial management; and (5) not much positive influence on peers. how about good things? (a) a lesson not to repeat my past mistakes; (b) the only celebrated valentine's day so far; (c) violin lesson; (d) friends are still by my side; and (e) i'm still alive! gradually anyway, i'm evolving back to my old self. as in the me without all the scars. i'm just trying to be happier. :))