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Life before/after Marriage

Lately I have been feeling a little *stressed (assuming it's good stress).  I feel that I have not accomplished much before I hit the next stage of life (perhaps some of you have been there).  In another x days, I will be Mrs Nathaniel Koh.  When I reflect on my life, I often wonder, am I prepared for the married life -- to be the wife of noble character mentioned in Proverbs 31, to be a good mother and a virtuous daughter to my parents and mother-in-law.  At the same time, I do not want to drift away from my good friends who matter a lot to me.  
There are various areas that I know that I can improve on in my current lifestyle but I feel that I am not doing enough to sustain the good habits.  Just to quote an example, I want to be early for work but I find myself rushing through my morning walk to get to work on time and I feel sticky upon arrival.  I have made a mental note to myself to wake up earlier and leave home earlier but I have not been successful for a sustainable peri…

What I hope the Prime Minister will say about the haze

I am immensely disappointed by what our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong has to say about the haze.

I was hoping for him to say something like the following:-

1) The PSI level has hit beyond the hazardous level and we are ready to implement the stop-work order for the following professions which are required to work outdoor; cleaners (who needs to work outdoor), construction workers, delivery men, just to name a few, as we are concerned about their health condition.

2) We are sorry that we did not foresee that the haze will be so bad this time and we will procure N95 masks for all Singaporeans to protect them against the haze whenever the season of slash-and-burn technique is employed to farming in Indonesia.

3) Singaporeans will get an additional GST voucher to help offset their utilities bill for this month as I understand that many households are using air-conditioners.

4) Pregnant women are strongly advised to see a…

Prayer Requests (Haze)

While we may be affected by the haze, please remember to pray for:- Wisdom for the Indonesian government to do the right thing about the haze.
- Indonesians who are also suffering from the damaging effects of the haze.
- Animals within the region which have lost their habitat and are similarly suffering.
- Young, elderly, those with existing respiratory ailments, the homeless and those who mainly work outdoor, to be able to overcome this hazardous condition.