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Hello before the year ends

It has been an exciting year!  Lots of stuff accomplished.  I have turned 30! (Yay!  The beginning of a new decade, and a brand new start in many areas of my life.  Feels like I am reliving my twenties!  *grinz*)  Been given quite a number of opportunities to serve.  Pray that God will keep me humble as I seek to serve and glorify Him.  I think that now that the year is really coming to an end, and that I have not been actively penning down my thoughts...  I am really not sure where should I begin.  I attempted to maintain my physical diaries for different purposes, and I am glad that I am still keeping to the tradition of writing.  I used to want to write in a more structured manner but after studying the module on Modernism, I have decided to let my thoughts materialise in writing as it has condensed in my brain.  To sum up the year in one blog entry is really tough as it does not convey the magnitude of my emotions for every event.  Therefore, it has made my entry a rather …