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Cherish the Treasure

Since I have some spare time at work, I have decided to blog, secretly.

Today marks the 6th month of my relationship with Nat.In my/our own world it actually felt like 6 years.Since the inception of our relationship, I have hope that it will be eternal.  Relationships of the past have been short term. 
Just a bit from what I've read recently.
As revealed in the first few chapters of Sex at Dawn, women prefers to settle down with men who protect and provide for them monetarily, whereas men get married to father children and spread their genes.I have not read the book completely but it attempts to explain the reasons behind infidelity.  Though it may seem like we, mankind are pragmatic, to a certain extend I agree.  Is true romantic love impossible? 

Though I am one for the existing society norms and believe that monogamy is the way to go (unlike Samantha of Sex and the City), I can comprehend the struggles to staying in a loveless relationship for the sake of provision and other ‘emo…

Jack of all trades

Blogging from my iPhone:

Before I sleep tonight, I feel a little melancholic. Perhaps it is the fact that I just revisited memories from the past. Once again, I hope that some memories can be washed away.

Yesterday before I started on my English assignment, I looked at my grades for the past three semester. I couldn't help but felt remorseful for not working as hard as I wanted myself to. At the back of my head I was thinking this is due to the fact that I am studying part time and making the wrong decision to take so many heavy modules. Anyway, I hope to do my best from now on. So then, even if I don't do well, I will not regret as I've tried.

Sometimes when I reflect, I think my train of thoughts may be kind of peculiar. Here I'm studying for a Bachelor in English with Business, there I am working as a Volunteer Management Executive. My interests are even more diverse; it ranges from animals to art to politics. Sometimes I don't even know my true identity... Bu…