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~a pity~

pretty upset over the fact that crazy horse is closing down by the end of this month. i just really thought that it was something novel for Singapore and somehow could evolve the island into a more liberal society. i haven't even entered the doors to the art of nude. the main reason being the tickets are too pricey. the exterior was certainly attractive to me. i like red. i saw on the news and papers that the interior was just as appealing. unfortunately, i don't have a chance to sit on any of those pretty luxurious red cinema-like seats.

good news for now!
i'm hired for good..
can't wait to work.
just so hoping i can be an industrious employee.

nowadays, this phrase just get into my head a lot:
out of sight, out of mind
well, i definitely hope so.


what do you need everyday? is it a morning alarm? 2 bottles of plain water? a wake up exercise? a walk with your bitch? a starter bathe? a quick ironing of smart casual outfit? a fulfilling set of breakfast? vitamin C? a quiet time with God? a quick read up of THE STRAITS TIMES? an apple to keep you away from the doctor? a job to keep you at least self-sufficient? a job you look forward to do? colleagues you are eager to meet? boss who makes you motivated to work? job that gives you high satisfaction? which makes you want to make it into a career? half the day gone... lunch options that keeps you in your healthy lifestyle plan? or to binge in the 1 hour since work was equivalent to stress? continuation of work? it's time to go home.. do you meet your dear? have a sinful and scrumptious dinner? or to have some economic rice with dishes? he sends you home.. is it important to have communication with your parents? he goes home.. a goodbye hug? a goodnight kiss? your quick bathe? antici…

~the other one~

sometimes, i wished that i have siblings. most of the time i don't. the rare moments when i wished for were to have younger brother or sister, having both gender would be merry too. never older ones. what triggered me to ponder upon this was my meet up with eka, my ex-colleague of 18 years of age. really like her. probably the only friend i would consider taking her as a lil 'godsis'. i'm least resistant to physical contact with her. :X she's pretty, soft-spoken and possess an incomprehensible aura of neediness, so to speak. she just draws my attention somehow.

life's not gonna be easy gal. i just hope i can be of help anytime.~good news for now.. i've got a new job! monday's my 1st day. i'm back to being office lady.*i miss some of my fr3nz pretty badly. really hope to be catching up with them soon.#reminiscing some others whom i doubt i should initiate to they said, "out of sight, out of mind."flames to dust, lovers to friends…


was reading harper's bazaar. trying hard to be well-informed. my usual magazine selections are: National Geographic, SHAPE, FIRST and the newbie to the list is as mentioned Harper's Bazaar. i used to like CLEO and then it revolved to herworld but after having read harper's, love their content. there was an article about girard-perregaux. i'm a huge watch fan and if i'm filthy rich, i'll be a watch collector, probably one for glasses too. i guess if you do know me like more than a neutral contemporary, you'll know that i have quite a couple of those items.

was finding out more. it's really cool. it has lotsa of profoundly complex functions which would awe most beings. this design was also co-brand with Ferrari. *drools* too expensive to even lay a finger on. dream on.

went to The Clinic @ the cannery last week then proceeded to MOS. i guess i lack self-discipline. once i get on to club, i just yearn to do so any other day. it's an addiction but i'…


2007!!! is gonna be a fruitful year...
made my to-do list...
also my new year resolutions...
it's gonna be GoooD! YEAH!!!~