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Brief encounter with PAP's Mr Masagoes (30th Apr 2011)

While I was distributing brochures for NSP around Tampines blocks, I met PAP's Mr Masagoes and his team. They called out to me so I had a conversation with them sharing my plight as a low-middle income group family. I was mainly addressing the fact that my parents are between 60 - 70 years old, having to work so hard due to the high cost of living and downgrading from a 4 room flat to a 3 room flat and currently residing at a Studio Apartment. I don't totally blame my parents for being not well-informed but when they went to Mr. Mah Bow Tan to appeal for the Studio Apartment, he could have access the situation at a holistic angle. True, my parents need money for my education but couldn't they recognise that they have a daughter who was moving on to Polytechnic studies and after which she (I) would start working and help to pay the mortgage?
The flaw over here is, what is going to happen after the 30 years lease? No property for me at all, all the $60K paid to the gover…

Speech in Parliament by Mr Chiam really commands my respect for him :)

Watch this speech made by Mr Chiam. I fully support and respect him; a great example of standing for your beliefs.

Support for the Opposition Party! (29th Apr 2011)


WP 1st Rally Speech by Mr Low Thia Khiang (28th Apr 2011)

If I'm under WP's constituency for voting, I will definitely vote for WP without a doubt! Great job Mr Low Thia Khiang! :)

NSP 1st Rally (28th Apr 2011)

Dear friends, I hope as the election day is nearing, all eligible voters will be responsible and not remain apathetic as before.
Every vote counts.
My advise is whichever constituency you belong to (excluding Tanjong Pagar GRC), please read through the Manifestos carefully and consider the credibility of the candidates involved and make a wise decision.
We really need competent and ethical MPs to be Singaporeans' voice. Do bear in mind the following issues which are prominent:-
1. Housing policy (would you like to purchase your first flat at a sky high rate and having to repay it for the next 30 years?) - do you want to be mortgaging your whole life? 2. GST (increased from 5% - 7%; revenue collected: $1.9b, spending on helping the poor: $0.41b) - where did the rest of the money go? 3. Influx of foreign talent (at this rate, we'll have to flee to another country for survival due to cheaper foreign talent)
NSP for Tampines GRC! All the best Mr Goh Meng Seng & team! :)
Pam Petite

23rd Apr 2011: Eventful Day

Today is a pretty eventful day for me. I begin the day volunteering with WWF at ADEX (Diving Expo). It is an incredible experience for me as this is about raising awareness about the endangered and endangering sea creatures. Many of us are probably aware that the sharks population is dangerously threatened, do refer to the following website for more info: Say no to Shark Pledge ( Other than the alarming threat to sharks, another area we are concern with are the seafood; certain sea creatures are declining tremendously and we ought to think twice before we consume. This is going to be very tough for me because I love to eat fish but I will try my best to lessen and thus, hoping to create a butterfly effect to influence others positively. Singapore Seafood Guide to sustainable seafood (
I would really love to go diving someday and hope with all my hea…

Election Day in Singapore (7th May 2011)

Election Day in Singapore is just around the corner on the 7th May 2011 (Sat), honestly, I am not one who keeps up with politics and I must admit I've been really apathetic but that is not without a reason.
Mostly, I am not upset by any major policies or changes made by the ruling party in Singapore, not because it does not affect my life but because I adapt and face the challenges. With the elections coming up, I am pleasantly surprised that finally for one, I get to vote (my "voice" can be heard or at least I make a stand) for two, finally in Tampines we have an alternative voice. I have read through the National Solidarity Party's website and looked through the Manifesto, I believe that the changes could improve my life.
The main change I am waiting for is at the Housing Policy, I have to admit that it stresses me out at the thought of getting my first matrimonial flat which I intend to do within the next few years. Both my partner and I are working and study…